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Our Vineyard

Vinha da Falesia

"Vineyard of the Cliffs"

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Vinha da Falesia® derives its name from the coastline cliffs of Santa Maria, above which it is located.  The cliffs rise dramatically above the rocky beach and Atlantic Ocean, and which give the name to our vineyard, Vinha da Falesia (Vineyard of the Cliffs in Portuguese).

The south facing vineyard and surrounding landscape comprise unique characteristics of the region with Algarvian bush, olive and almond trees and is blessed with self-draining, schist based and calcareous soil, perfect for vines.  The terroir is set in a fortuitous microclimate, enabling the vines to benefit from the hot sunny days, averaging 300 days a year, and cool, evening sea breezes.

This unique environment will produce the exciting range of wines we want to create and for wine lovers to enjoy.

Vinha da Falesia is also constructed in traditional Portuguese style, incorporating a terrace formation, and micro drip irrigation that takes the full advantage of the self-draining slopes, the ideal soil and the Algarve's perfect weather.

The vineyard was developed and planted by a highly acclaimed family of Portuguese vintners, the Maghalaes. Nuno has continued his father's success and has developed and planted over 30 vineyards in Portugal, including Vinha da Falesia.

To maintain high quality of Falesia Wines, we work with very experienced and knowledgeable viticulture and oenology expert Pedro Mendes. Pedro manages the entire winemaking process to craft our unique Falesia Wines.

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