Our Wine

Vinha do Falesia offers 5 unique grape (caste) varieties:

  • Arinto

  • Sauvignon Blanc

  • Syrah

  • Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Touriga Nacional

Near to the harvesting season, the weather and climate are checked daily to pinpoint the exact week of harvest.  Then, during the harvest, the grapes are carefully picked by hand and immediately transported in small boxes to the adega. 

Before pressing, the ripe and fully matured grapes are again carefully inspected and, in small closely nurtured batches, in both steel vats and oak barrels, the lovely Falesia wines begin their journey!

Currently Falesia Wines, white and red, are blends of the appropriate grapes, and , due to the unique terroir and unpredictability of the seasons, the wines produced every year deliver a wide variety of flavour, characteristic and balanced wine. 

To complete the story of Falesia Wine, we have also enjoyed creating signature labels and each of our labels has a specific, meaning.  These labels demonstrate our passion to produce beautiful wines with special characteristics and also our passion for this part of the world - for all wine lovers to enjoy!

Our three special labels are:

  • '1st XV' - reflects our love of rugby and was also inspired by the 1st XV Foundation, part of the Bath Rugby Charity, which we helped established in 2017

  • 'Infante the Navigator' - to represents Prince Henry of Portugal, who was based in Lagos, and the first European to navigate from the western tip of Europe, Sagres, around Africa and then across India and Asia

  • 'Falesia' - which means 'The Cliffs' in Portuguese and symbolises the dramatic cliffs of Santa Maria and the home of Vinha do Falesia.  

1st XV Red 2017

Falesia Red 2018

1st XV White 2017


Infante Red 2018

Tasting notes

1st XV White 2017

2017   It is crisp and fresh dry wine showing a light lemon color with a medium body.  It offers delicate peach and apple aromas and a soft mouthfeel. Excellent versality with seafood or a to accompany a light lunch.​ 

1st XV Red 2017

Deep, youthful purple colour with a ruby rim. The medium-full bodied palate offers generous, ripe, pure black fruits, slight smoke, round tannins and floral aromas.  Ideal pairing with beef or grill meats and rich, mature cheese..

Falesia Red 2018

Intense, vivid translucent youthful purple-ruby appearance. The medium body wine offers red fruits, floral aromas with a hint of spice. Great with pasta, cold cuts and as a BBQ companion.